Scottrade Promotion Code CVYZ0266

This is how to get 3 or 5 or 10 free trades (depending on account type plus $100 if transferred from another brokerage) using code Scottrade promotion code CVYZ0266. Screenshots are provided to walk you through the process. One great thing about the free trades is that there is also no commission on stocks under $1 (currently .5%) (this has now changed as free trades not available for stocks under $1).

First go to and click on “Open a New Account” as shown in the following image.

scottrade promotion code CVYZ0266

Scottrade Open a New Account

Next fill out the following form with your information and desired account selection then click “Continue” as shown in the following image (your image may slightly differ).

scottrade promotion code CVYZ0266

Scottrade Account Information and Account Type Selection

Next is the screen that you select the “Referred by a Friend” option and enter the following promotion code: CVYZ0266 then click “Continue”. This is shown in the following image.

scottrade promotion code CVYZ0266

Scottrade Entering Promotion Code for the 3 Free Trades

Finally complete the application process and your three free trades will be immediately available. To find your Referrall code after creating your account you can look in the bottom right of the home page after logging in and select the option to print your Referrall card.  As mentioned earlier the free trades will allow trades of stock below $1 to be executed with no commission fee (currently .5%).  As far as I can tell this is the only free way to purchase stock below $1 without any trading fee or commission fee.

On a personal note I used the free trades to purchase stock for the company CytoSorbents™ that trades under the symbol (CTSO).  This company provides statistically significant proven assistance in treatment of the deadly condition known as sepsis.  The product (a mechanical filter for blood that reduces cytokines) has achieved the CE mark in Europe and is currently starting a controlled market release in Germany.  The free trades used to purchase this stock (CTSO) saved me hundreds of dollars in commission fees.  Checkout my links on the right side of the page for additional information on CytoSorbents™ through their website and also a newly launched forum to discuss investment in CytoSorbents™.

Thank you and good luck trading!

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